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New colours in the Quirk Shrug

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on November 28 2013

As it heats up and Xmas is nearing, it is time for the summer Bestowed collection #4. 

Bestowed is 100% Vegan and natural cotton, so it is kind to animals as well as being kind to your skin. When it gets hot and humid I find that I can only wear the very lightest cotton garments and Bestowed has it all covered. There are soft organic cotton jerseys and light breathable woven cottons to choose from.

When I design Bestowed I look at which styles I want to keep in the collection and what new ones need to be added. I was going to do a new shrug style, but after looking at the Quirk shrug and knowing it goes with everything and how much wear I get from this style, I decided to add new colours and as the old saying goes, 'if it is not broken, don't fix it'. I never leave the house without a Quirk shrug in my handbag. It is just what you need when the evening breeze cools things down or when you go from the heat outside to air conditioning. 

The new colours in the Quirk 3/4 sleeve shrug are Amulet (a rich purple/pink colour) and Calypso (a blue/green sea colour) We dyed our Super Fine Cotton jersey in these colours and they look so lush and add a brightness to the usual grape, indigo, charcoal and black palate in work with. 

The Quirk 3/4 shrug is available in Amulet, Calypso, Indigo, Earth, Black and White. 

This style can be worn tied together at the front or you can tie one of the front points up onto the shoulders making a cowl detail at the front, or tie both front points to opposite shoulders. I also have prewashed all these myself at our home studio. The delicate nature of this fabric means you have to be careful what other garments you put in with it, so best to put it in a wash bag. After a cold gentle wash simply take it out and hang it on a padded hanger to dry (no ironing needed).





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