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The Dita dress, regular length or maxi?

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on November 28 2013

The Dita dress has to be the most comfortable styles to wear. Made from Australian milled Organic cotton jersey, it has two pockets, a deep scoop neck and cutaway racer back that is not too low under the arms. I like to cover up that 'not so nice area' where your arms join the body and the skin can do 'not so nice things'! Know what i mean? 

We have run this dress for the last couple of summers and many people have told me how much they love it. I love it as well but every time a friend of mine visited me wearing it, i looked at her with envious eyes. She would get out of the car and swoon down my driveway with the Dita dress flowing around her ankles. She is around 5ft, so the dress is a maxi length on her. On me (just under 6ft tall) it is mid calf. I was happy with it that length until I saw how wonderful it would look as a maxi. So this season I have added a new version of the Dita called the Dita Maxi. I have lengthened it by 25cm. As it has a raw hem you can simply cut off a few cms if it is too long on you. Just lie it on a table, mark where you want to cut, and chop it off. Allow for loosing 2-3cms due to the knit rolling up again when washed, but that is all you need to do, no sewing. The nature of the knitted fabric means it will not ladder or fray.

organic cotton dressorganic cotton dress

The Dita dress (regular length) comes in black, charcoal, grape, indigo and white, which is a heavier weight fabric to the darker colours so it is not see thru.

The Dita maxi comes in black, grape and indigo  all with contrast charcoal binding. 

Our 'Vegan Eco- Model' Amanda Rootsey is very tall, so the dress lengths show how it would look on a tall person and she has heels on in the above pics. 

The Dita dress is sleeveless however if you want to cover up your arms, just pop a Quirk shrug over it. Also you can layer a long skirt under the regular length Dita dress to give a totally different look. 


If you are travelling to a tropical place, you must add this to your suitcase. It is perfect to wear anywhere, out to dinner, around the pool or sleep in it. The light organic cotton is easy to wash in a basin, hang to dry overnight and you are ready to go again the next day. 
All tall women are going to be very excited with the new Dita maxi as it will be long on them, yes a true maxi dress. We prewash all these dresses and they also are put in a commercial dryer, so all the shrinkage is done before you get the dress. I do this with all the cottons as cotton does shrink and i like people to know what size and length their garment is going to be after they wash it. I have found that different colours shrink more than others even if they come from the same mill, one of the things that happens when working with natural fibres. The lengths we have given are approx measurement and as you can chop off easily adjustments can be made to the perfect length. I found that the black versions are about 5cm longer than the colours. 
If you want to look at the complete catalogue, we have it up on ISSUU click here.








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