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So what makes our fabrics sustainable?

Posted on January 28 2016

Hey all,

As we are currently in the midst of getting the new Rant winter range ready there has been much discussion within the studio about the textiles that we use and why we use them.  Being quite a new member to the Rant team, I'm still learning about our fabrics and what makes them so sustainable. It made me think that we must have some very interested customers out there who would love to know in more detail why our fabrics are sustainable. We use a variety of different fabrics and it can become quite confusing if you are not familiar with textile production and the impact that the clothing industry has on the environment.

There is SO much information that I thought it best to focus on one particular fabric, which is our Bamboo Jersey! It is always nice to know in detail what you are buying and the cause you are supporting by purchasing our Rant and Bestowed products.  


Featured above are the Lacey legs in olive lace print and the Dana top in black. Both are made out of bamboo jersey, as are many of our essential every day singlets/tees and dresses (you can see the full range of Bamboo Layers here).

Our bamboo jersey fabric is made in a Melbourne mill especially for us! The reason we use bamboo is because it is fast growing and does not require any fertiliser or pesticide to grow. Not only does this mean the raw material is not contaminated with chemicals, but the farm workers who help grow the bamboo are not exposed to these chemicals also. The lack of chemicals assists in minimising our impact on the environment.

The fabric is made to our mill's very high standards, chosen because it is long lasting, low pilling and has a lovely soft handle to it. When made into garments, it will last many seasons with gentle wear and care. If you live in a humid climate bamboo jersey another reason it is extremely comfortable to wear is because it absorbs moisture very well. Due to the comfortable nature of the fabric it is perfect to wear on an everyday basis! This is why we have so many essential garments made out of this beautiful textile. Some extra examples of our bamboo jersey garments are shown below: Greta singlet in ruby & Greta slip in charcoal.

The high standards of the mill are maintained by checking things such as water quality on a regular basis to ensure it meets the Australian standards. The production process is all kept within the same mill so after the raw yarn is bought in, it is locally knitted, dyed and sometimes printed on with water-based inks, all within the same factory. This limits the distance the fabric travels during the production process, adding to its sustainability.

As a small business we aim to support our local textile and clothing community, using sustainable and easy care fabrics in all of our garments. Our passion for sustainable clothing does not stop there. We take great care in wash and wear testing our garments here in our studio. When washing we use 6 star energy rated machines with harvested rainwater and all our equipment runs on solar powered energy from our home studio. Orders are wrapped in recycled kraft (our shipping boxes are made locally too!) and is instead of garments being individually wrapped in plastic. We like that there is no single use plastic packaging or hangers that are normally wasted and do not decompose from our processes.

This may be a bit of a long Rant ;) but our bamboo jersey is one of our most used and easy to care for textiles. It is not only our aim to produce sustainable clothing, but to educate our customers as well! If you ever have any questions about our fabrics please feel free to send an email to




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