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Posted on January 17 2014

Happy New Year 2014 ! 

We are now remembering how hot summer really is. This is when I get to test the current summer collections to see which styles make my tropical survival favourite list. January and February in Brisbane are the two hot and humid months when any clothes are going to feel warm to wear. The main problem is that after a cool shower, you seem to dry off with a towel and you are sticky already. I do choose to live in a warm place so instead of moaning all the time I just embrace the 'tropical feel' and on those 30+ days wear the garments that do not touch my body, are light and absorbent, and look good as well. 

This year Jason and I took a break over Xmas to relax and I got to test lots of styles while relaxing with a Gin or two, as well as try out some of the new eating places that we did not get around to try during the busy year.

My most essential pieces were all the willow styles (dress, skirt and top). They were super floaty and looked great to go out in as well as lounging.


I wore the Willow dress loose on it's own and over a Nasturtium slip (which can be worn on it's own as well). The Willow top over Buttercup skirt and Willow skirt with Slant top, dressed up with some knotted organic cotton necklaces.

When I wasn't wearing those pieces, I was simply throwing on organic cotton jersey dresses, Periwinkle, Dita maxi , Salvia and Lisette dress.

If you are travelling, these pieces weight next to nothing so you can easily take a small carry on bag. All I added when i went away was a Quirk shrug and Uma top to pop over if it got cooler and Elfrida pants with Nasturtium top to do yoga in. 

I am one of those people who always wear BLACK. Summer and winter it is black black black, but all of these styles do come in colour (as I know not everyone wants to live in black) so check out the store to see the colour selection and enjoy the summer wearing organic cotton clothing that is ethically made in Australia.

Cheers and happy 2014,



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