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Sale or Clearance?

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on January 27 2014

Do we ever have a SALE? At Sustainable Fashion we do not go on sale like most stores, but we do always have a section of CLEARANCE items.

I see the clothes we make, not as fashion garments that go out of style within a few months, but clothes that do not date. These garments last many seasons and match the new collections, making your purchase an investment to add to existing things. This way one new piece may make 10 new outfits. 

Over the past 10 years that Rant has been doing 2 collections a year, some styles come and go, or some are around for many seasons as they are classic shapes that customers want to update each season with a new colour as they loved wearing it so much. Other styles may be ongoing, but are in a seasonal fabric that is limited so we can only do it once.

As we need to make room in our home studio for new seasons stock, some items may appear in our clearance section, however they never do until at least 12 months have passed after the collection they were first available in. By this time, most items that go into the clearance are just odd sizes and colours. 

Currently 'Epidermal Layers' in the clearance section are only discontinued colours and styles only. 

We have just put some red epidermal layer styles (bamboo jersey garments) in the clearance section as we are doing a new ruby red next summer and no longer running this tone of red, so if you want a bit of colour in either the Eva tee, Greta singlet or Obsidian top, they are now at least 50% off. 

So it is always worth a look to check out this section of the store, you may get an extra special bargain.

If you need any extra info on any of the styles, you are welcome to email us through the contact form.






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