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YARN the latest RANT Clothing collection

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on March 18 2016

Over the next month or two all the new collection from RANT Clothing will be popping up on the online store. This is the first time that the sampling and photo shoot hasn't been done months in advance, instead it was completed just before the production started and I posted pics on Instagram of the whole process. Those Instagram pics are also shown on the home page of this site.

I realised that many people didn't know what went into creating a collection and producing it locally, so we are going to share more details and write more blog stories to shine a light on it all. Luckily this task is not left up to me anymore, as a 2 fingered typist the blog stories were few and far between, but now that Asha has joined us here at the Rant studio, I can 'talk at her' give her ideas and she translates it all into a coherent post.

The YARN collection is a transeasonal collection, simple pieces that can be worn most of the year, adding warmer layers as it cools down. The YARN print that is featured on our Australian made bamboo jersey was created by Mike who does our pattern grading and markers etc. Mike and I have a long history together, besides the 10+ years we have worked together at RANT, we also worked together back in 1989 at another label that was big for over a decade in Brisbane called Stiletto. Mike remembered a crochet technique that his grade 5 teacher taught him, so he crocheted a simple chain piece, looped it over and made a pattern with it, photographed it and then created the repeats etc. We then sent it down to the printer to be put onto the screens and printed over the new colours we had our bamboo jersey dyed in.

The resulting YARN print is on many top styles in this collection, some are new like the Loom Top, Weft top and Tammy top. Then we also put the print into some of the classic RANT shapes, the Obsidian top, Greta singlet, Dana top, Yvette 3/4 top and Viv 3/4 top.

The new Bamboo jersey colours are Storm, Taupe and Oat which are added to the classic palate of black, olive, ruby and ink. We can't do every style in every colour as we are not big enough to carry that amount of stock so the colours and prints are in selected styles, still giving lots of variety.

The woven fabrics used in the YARN collection are mostly Tencel which is a cellulose based fibre and is produced in a 'closed loop' so a sustainable fabric option. I am prewashing all the Tencel styles to crinkle them up a bit and give them a drapey look rather than being crisp. I never iron my own clothes and the same goes with most of the stock too. A gentle machine wash in our Miele front loading machine, spun on a low speed (400 rpm) and given a shake out, to then be dried on a padded hanger in the shade. We will feature the styles as they become available over the next month. 

YARN also features some beautiful Japanese fabrics and the soft Australian made ethical merino wool which we will tell you about later as the weather cools down further.

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