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Pima cotton layers

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on May 09 2014

Pima cotton is a very luxurious cotton, a long staple fibre that is the top of the range as far as cottons go. It is very silky feeling and can be knitted into the most beautiful jersey. Rant have a couple of styles in this premium cotton this season.


The Tilda top is a loose cotton long sleeve top to go under most things or wear on it's own. I have it on today with Dana tunic on top, i also wore it under a silk Hanna top making the combination ultra light to wear. The neckline is finished with a strip of the matching fabric stitched on top and allowed to roll, creating a nice detail. The sleeves are long and loose so they can be easily rolled up to the elbow if you need 3/4 sleeves. The Tilda top also goes well under the wool Juno top. 

The second style is a simple little cardigan called the Kyra Cardi. It has 3/4 sleeves and a low v-neck with ties to secure it closed, or they can hang loosely. It looks great side on as you can see the way it shapes up towards the back at a nice angle and dips to two points at the front. The Kyra cardi is very light and floats as the top layer, working well over silks as well as more casual outfits. 

Collaborate Jewellery who make accessories to match both the Rant clothing and Bestowed collections, have made these cute 'Fringe' necklaces to match out of the Pima cotton. They are super light to wear and add nice texture, either worn with matching Pima Cotton garments or anything else you choose. 

All the Pima cotton garments, the Tilda top and Kyra cardi are prewashed in pure rain water at the Rant studio. This way they are preshrunk and ready for you to wear and enjoy. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been. 





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