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Ethical Merino Wool from Rant Clothing

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on June 18 2014

Winter is now upon us and the cooler weather means we need to add a little warmth to our dressing. As I am in Brisbane, the winter dressing style calls for layers that can be taken off as the day warms up as it does most winter days here. The mornings however do start off cold (it does get under 10 degrees celsius here) and around 4.30 pm it again cools down. I like to wear merino wool when I need warmth and do not want to feel bulky. Growing up in New Zealand I wore wool most of the time and had lots of heavy jumpers that were not that comfy to wear as they were bulky but very warm.  Wool has come a long way in the past few years and the fine grade 18.5 micron machine washable Australian merino is so soft that it feels like a soft cotton. If you have two layers of fine Merino wool, it is light to wear and is amazingly warm.

Rant Clothing has a range of Merino layers that you can put on over cotton or bamboo to make a winter outfit. This way you can wear you favourite lighter garments for more months or all year round, just adding the warmer top layer like the Marni shrug, Mara vest, Nola wrap top (pictured in teal and aubergine above) or bottom pieces like the wool Nellie pants or wool Thea skirt. 
The Merino Layers range comes in two types/weights of wool. The pants, skirts and cosy arms are a heavier weight and have a small amount of spandex in to keep their shape better, while the tops are from very soft lightweight merino jersey. 

Nola wrap top (left) Marni Shrug tied at front (right)

Cosy arms (left) Cosy arms with Felted Dana top (limited edition style from Australian Merino and a beautiful felted Italian wool).

All the Merino wool used in the Rant Clothing range is ethically grown wool where the sheep are allowed to roam freely and only come in to be shorn and are not mulesed. 
Wool is a very environmentally friendly fibre as it is does not require much processing, needs lower temperatures to dye. It is a renewable fibre as once the wool is taken off the sheep, it simply grows back. Wool is biodegradable, able to be composted at the end of it's life. 
Wool is also a healthy fabric to wear as it is natural, absorbs moisture, is naturally resistant to bacteria mould and mildew and helps regulate the wearers body temperature .It is flame resistant, moisture wicking . . . . . . the list goes on. 
While there are many recycled polyester fabrics out there on the market that claim to be as good as wool, wicking moisture away, sustainable because they are recycled , I just do not choose to wear plastic. I think natural fibres made into natural fabrics are the best for our natural bodies to wear. 
The Merino layers by Rant are made from Australian merino wool and sewn ethically in Brisbane. They will last you many seasons and feel fantastic to wear. 
As I do live in the subtropics and that does mean creepy crawlies do like to eat wool, I keep my pieces in an air tight zip lock bag in the warmer months. This way I do not need to worry about finding munched out holes when I pull them out the following season and they do not have an odd smell. 


Above Wool Nellie Pant (left) and Wool Thea skirt and Mara vest (right) 


The top layer is the Mara vest, a fantastic merino garment that looks great over anything. It keeps you really warm and is super light and can roll up in your handbag. I wear the Mara vest with a Marni shrug on top. This way it looks like a coat and you can take off the shrug inside or if it warms up. Very multifunctional. 

If you need some beautiful but practical Merino wool pieces, have a look at the styles available now.





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