Bamboo Jersey fabric, fantastic to wear everyday.

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on July 16 2014

Rant Clothing has been making bamboo jersey garments since 2009.The bamboo jersey is Australian made, in fact made in Melbourne at a mill that has been around for 60years. Supporting local industry is important so we can keep the 'product miles' down, create a more sustainable fabric, keep jobs here etc but most importantly the fabric is far superior to any of the ones tested from off shore. So many bamboo fabrics feel nice, then after a few washes and wears, they pill and look old. This is false economy, if the garment is cheap but only lasts a short time, you would have been better off to buy one better quality garment that will last years (and enjoyed more!). 

Over the years there have been many shapes and styles made in the Rant Australian made bamboo jersey, some have been so essential and work so well that they are still in the range in 2014. There are some seasonal styles and colours which add a new look but black is still by far the best selling colour along with the base colours of ink, olive & charcoal. The newest colour is ruby, a soft blue based red colour that is an easy red to wear. 

The bamboo jersey collection was called 'Epidermal layers' as it was designed to be the first layer to add when dressing (like another layer of skin ) and was part of the Rant mix of Science & Fashion. But it is now going to be renamed and launched as a collection of it's own simply called 'Bamboo Layers'. It was mostly shown as part of the Rant seasonal collections (which it still will be) but in addition it is now shown as a complete collection on it's own, just fabulous layers of soft bamboo.

We did a photo shoot up at Mt Glorious in the forest which was just such a magical place, soft muted green colours everywhere which suited the tones of olive, black and ink bamboo, and even better with the bright ruby and purple. The photos will be put together into a catalogue very soon, but they can also be viewed on the main page of 'Sustainable Fashion' and on the product pages under the Rant menu (Bamboo Layers).

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