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The Honeysuckle Shrug is a handy piece that can be worn three ways!

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on August 29 2014

There is nothing better than a garment that can be worn several ways. The honeysuckle shrug is made from a knitted cotton lace fabric and is a simple style that can be worn as a shrug, cowl top or scarf. 

The shrug gives you sleeves that cover your shoulders and top of your arms. It looks great with bare skin under as you get the contrast thru the lace but still offering coverage for those who like their arms covered. Try a tee under in a colour to get a totally different effect.


The sizing of this garment will determine how long the sleeves are, so check out the picture that shows the measurements on the product page. The sizing had to jump up in length and width to be able to wear it as a top and go around the body. 

To make the cowl top which will go over any fitted top, long sleeved, short sleeved or sleeveless. Just put it on by putting one of the sleeves over your head, leaving the middle opening around your waist, then pop your head into the second sleeve which then becomes a cowl neck, the opening is now at the back. Bunch the neckline to how you want it to sit, more drape in the centre or spread wider over the top of your arms. 

The shrug is shown here with Asha pants and over the Terri Tank. It can be bunched at the hips to give a nice effect if you put it over a fitted dress or skirt. There are so many things you play around with and get many combinations, but at the same time it is not complicated, no buttons or ties are needed to get the different looks, just what you put it over and which of the three variations you wear that day. 

If you want a scarf, just fold one sleeve inside the other sleeve. This will give you a double thickness loop to put over your head. The middle opening makes a nice shape if you put it over one shoulder like in this pic. 


The fabric is 95% cotton with 5% spandex to give it extra stretch and return, and has been prewashed in rain water at the Rant Studio to preshrink the fabric and take out any excess dye etc that is used in the making of the fabric. It is easy care, and does not need any ironing.






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