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The Vine Collection by Rant

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on October 02 2014

The Vine collection by Rant has been going out to retail stores since mid August and the last few styles (Pepita dress and Vine obi ) are due in a couple of weeks. Here at Sustainable Fashion, we unfortunately have not been able to get much to sell as almost all of these garments were pre-sold direct to 'bricks and mortar ' retail stores.


As many of you know, Jason and I (owners of this on line Eco Boutique) also are the people behind both the Rant label and the Bestowed label.  We started Rant back in 2003 and it has always been a label we wholesale to selected retail stores around Australia, only recently deciding to sell it on line ourselves to ensure our customers are able to get the styles they wanted, when they wanted them and not having to follow the crazy 'Fashion Calendar' of selling winter in the hottest months and summer in the coldest months. This plan did not quite work out as it is now coming into the nice warm weather and we do not have much of this beautiful Vine collection available. So if you like something, grab it now as most pieces are limited edition. 


The two prints featured are both exclusive to us, printed on light easy cotton, and all garments are pre washed to make them ready to wear as soon as you receive them. The Vine print was digitally printed in Turkey and the garments were designed to fit exactly to the print. The Vine dress (pic above) uses the entire repeat of the print and all dresses have the print in the same place. This dress is also lined in light cotton voile making it a dress made up of 6 metres of fabric ! It is not see thru so you can wear it on it's own or add a sleeved top under, or a cardi on top to add sleeves. This dress can also be worn back to front so you can decide if you prefer higher back or front (see pics above).

The Moonflower top is another new Rant style available in The Vine printed cotton. This is also a style that can be worn front to back to decide if you want a higher or lower neckline. The Moonflower top is cut on the bias which makes the woven fabric mould to your body ensuring it fits over the bust without having to add darts which are not always going to be in the correct place for all body shapes. The Moonflower top also has side seam splits at the hem to sit over the top of skirts and pants. 

It is a style we found will match with many colours and work with many outfits. It is also available in some striped cotton fabric we sourced from Italy as well as plain black or lime green cotton. 


If you would like to view the complete collection visit the Rant Clothing website here... to download The Vine catalogue

And if you need help finding a style, just email us on the contact form.







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