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Trying a few styles at home

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on November 17 2014

On line shopping worldwide is increasing as customers get used to a new option to shop. Being able to browse through on line stores means you can do it what ever time you want and without having to go anywhere. You can compare products and take as long as you choose, to make your decision.

When you purchase from Sustainable Fashion, you can try on the garment and decide if it is what you wanted, does it fit you well? is it comfortable? Some customers buy multiple garments to try on then decide which fits the need. For example, if you are after black pants, you could purchase 3 different ones, or you like a dress style but can not decide on the colour? Then return the unsuitable ones for just a small cost of around $10 to post back your returns.

The only things we ask is that you try the garments on in an area without cat or dog hair. And as the garments may need to be returned to us and resold, there needs to be no strong smells like smoke, moth balls etc. When the garments leave here they come from a chemical free environment using all eco-friendly products and with essential oil vapourisers on in the stockroom so we hope customer appreciate the little things we do differently. We also answer most emails straight away or within 48 hours, so you can always email any questions you have about styles and fit, or call us during office hours at the studio as sometimes it is still easier and quicker to discuss things over the phone.




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