Sustainable Fashion store here at last

Posted on December 04 2012


Hi everyone, Sarah here and this is my first blog post. I will enjoy being able to 'rant' on about all the clothes I enjoy designing and wearing. Sustainable has taken a few months to evolve but is here at last. Jason and i wanted to have an Eco-Store that we could sell sustainable and ethical garments and accessories, that are made locally.

So many labels are now being made off shore to use the cheaper labour, but we wanted to sell things that were made using the local talent and will continually be adding to the selection now our store is more user friendly.

This is the first and only viewing of the entire second collection from Bestowed, and is here just in time for the hot weather and the opening of Sustainable Fashion. I designed this label when I had a couple of friends travelling to Vietnam and it made me think about our summer as well. What can you wear when it is very hot and humid?  Cotton... and even better, organic cotton.

This was an opportunity to make a range of clothes that can mix and match, be worn out to dinner as well as being so comfortable you could sleep in them. If they were to be the ultimate traveling clothes, they must be able to washed in a hotel room basin, then dry quickly, require no ironing and most of all be so light that you can travel with enough clothes to mix and match for a couple of weeks and fit in a carry-on bag.

I am very excited to be able to show you over the next few months on this blog, the styles in Bestowed and how they can be worn .  I have worn them all and know these garments inside and out. When making this second collection, I did all the patterns and samples . I find that sewing the samples myself, let's me change them as I go. I change a style as I am making it , adding little things ,trying it on and wearing it to make sure it feels good.




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