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Arms, love them or not ?

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on January 11 2013

Arms, love them or not so happy with them ?
I always lived in sleeveless garments and could never understand why people wanted to cover their arms. Well a few years later and a few kilos later . . . . . I now understand. The challenge is , how to give arm coverage without making the outfit look frumpy and also keeping it cool to wear.

I like to wear a tee under lots of things however prefer when it is hot weather to have a light layer to put on top when I need it. This way I can take it on and off , also be able to keep it in a little drawcord bag in my handbag for those times . The style I have worn over and over is the Bestowed Quirk shrug. It is so light and gives coverage while looking great as well. The little peaks at the hem can be tied together , either the first set , or the second set, each pair giving a different look.

I also put little grosgrain ribbon tab on each shoulder. This gives the third tie option  , which is to tie one of the peaks loosely to the shoulder making a nice cowl front , and let the other side just hang. I like this option when I need to cover the under layer a bit more.
The Bestowed Quirk shrug comes in a short sleeve ( black and white ) also a 3/4 sleeve version in black , white and earth. The fabric is the Super fine Cotton. It is made in Melbourne ( like all of our knit fabrics) and is very very light. To explain how light it is, a normal tee shirt is around 150 gsm , a cotton fleece would be 300 gsm and our Super fine Cotton is a mere 60 gsm. It is feather weight!


I wanted to add a new style in the second Bestowed collection that would offer the same function as the Quirk shrug but be a different look. If I want to cover around the torso, I wear the Quirk  shrug, but what if I was wearing a loose tunic and just simply wanted loose sleeves with lots and lots of air flow??? I also sometimes want a higher neckline. I put these things into a top , made a sample then found I wore it over and over. So I am pleased to be able to share this style with you, it is called the Othelia top. It comes in black, white, earth and indigo and I made it in 3 sizes . I can wear all three sizes depending on the look I want , but like the large the best. I put the measurements from the shoulder to hem to give you an idea of how cropped it is.

I hope these styles help people in that search for light summer arm coverage.




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