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Australian eco model Amanda Rootsey

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on January 24 2013

Amanda Rootsey is the beautiful Eco Model in the Bestowed photos. Working with her was very different from all the other photo shoots I had done and she has a special story that I wanted to share.


Amanda became Vegan when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in her early 20's while she was busy modelling overseas. Faced with this she researched the best way for her to fight the cancer, and she embarked on a journey that had her simplify her life and remove all animal products and chemicals from her life. She moved into a shipping container home and lived 'off grid' growing her own veges. Now in remission, Amanda models again but for eco-friendly and ethical labels only, and runs deportment courses for young women to help them realise their own unique beauty and confidence in a healthy way (check out her Shine from Within website). Amanda  promotes vegan-friendly businesses through another venture with her partner, David Rafter, called the Vegan Card.

Amanda has been described as an “eco-activist,” by Cleo Magazine and an “all round advocate for Mother Earth,” by Peppermint Magazine.

When designing the current Bestowed collection I made sure that it was not only pure organic cotton, but the shoes were Vegan friendly as well. I have been Vegetarian for many years and eat organic food that we buy from the Northey St organic markets on a Sunday morning, so I found it interesting to look at things from a different angle as i had never thought of what Vegan really is. The wool we use in Rant is certified ethical and the sheep live a' happy life , but as wool is an animal product it is not Vegan friendly. Same goes for silk, not Vegan friendly. I always saw Bestowed as my label that i could take extend our eco credentials further and after meeting Amanda and considering the vegan lifestyle I was able to make this a reality.

The makeup was not a feature for the photo shoot as Amanda only had a light dusting of natural mineral makeup. There was no topping up of makeup all day (except a little lip gloss) and her healthy lifestyle shows through.

This latest Bestowed collection featuring Amanda is designed to be simple, natural, no fuss dressing for our hot steamy summer. 

It will look great on all body shapes (I am size L and not the slender silhouette Amanda is) and made all the styles fit on me first.




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