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Clover Shrug

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on March 05 2013

The Clover shrug is a new style added to the 'epidermal layers' this season. Made from our sustainable Australian made bamboo jersey like all the other epidermal layers, it is a great little layer piece when you need to add sleeves but do not want an extra layer on your body.


I often want a 3/4 sleeve layer to go over short sleeves or a singlet top. Just that little something that warms you up in air conditioning or when it is a little cooler in the morning or evening. I made I few samples in the process as I wanted a shape that looked good and was comfortable to leave on all day if I wanted. I found that the simple tube style that most shrugs are, was not comfortable for me. That shape bunched up around my neck and back. The Clover shrug has a scoop at the lower back so it sits flat and a bell shape around the neck so it sits around the neck without bunching and has a curve shape to cover those 'extra bits' at the fold of the arm pit. This also prevents the shrug from coming off the shoulders , which I found shrugs can tend to do. 
The Clover shrug is so small that it fits in your handbag easily so you never have to be without it. 

When using the Clover shrug to style 'The Impressionist' collection, I found it looked great over the Matisse tunic in the silk print as well as the Cezanne tunic (coming soon) and Abundant tunic (seen in the mustard below right). In fact  I was able to add it to most of the outfits making it a fantastic transeasonal layering piece.


The Clover shrug is Vegan friendly as well as being a natural fabric so everyone can enjoy this cute style.





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