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New 'Epidermal Layers', the Kalinda tops

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on April 11 2013

The newest style to come out in the 'Epidermal Layers' collection is the Kalinda top.

This style has been designed to fit the requirements I have been asked for by many retail stores as well as customers I communicate with. It comes with two different sleeve lengths, 3/4 and long.

I have found that many people love a 3/4 sleeve as that length is great to give a little more coverage without being too warm. I also like the look of that length sleeve. I tend to go from singlets straight into 3/4 sleeves. The long sleeve version has a contrast bottom to the sleeve, and looks like you have layered up a couple of tops.

The neckline is higher than the Yvette top which has a deep scoop, and longer in the body with flare added to the side seams and centre back seam. I like to put a centre back seam in most of my tops so I can allow for room over the back and hips but take out any excess fabric at the small of the back.

This new shaping makes the Kalinda a top you can wear loosely over the top of pants and skirts, unlike many of the other 'Epidermal Layer' styles that are designed to be worn as a base layer with other garments.
The 7/8 Sunshine pants look good under 'Kalinda' and so do the basic long pant styles, such as the Sami pant. You can also wear the Kalinda tops over a skirt, such as Thea or Levitate, as well as the Triumph or Cezanne pants. 
I would not recommend using it under our tunic styles like the Matisse or Cezanne, as it flares out over the hips, so will add bulk where you would not want it. These tunics are better with a more fitted under layer.

If you do want to add a layer on top, try the Emelie twist top or a shorter vest like the Tortula or Quilk vests from last winter's Harvest collection. The crop Lorelei cardi is also perfect on top, so are the Henrietta or Marni shrugs in the new sheer wool styles. One example is the olive Henrietta cardigan layered over the silver long sleeve Kalinda (as seen on the left).





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