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Sustainable Fashion Supports YGAP

Jason Hodoniczky

Posted on May 02 2013

Some people may not realise that when they purchase from Sustainable Fashion, 5% of their sale is donated. Maybe you have seen on our 'About Us' page that there are two charities we currently make ongoing monthly donations too? Well recently we had the pleasure of meeting Elliot Costello from YGAP (Y Generation Against Poverty) and were inspired to take part in their national '5cent Campaign' during the month of May.

YGAP is an organisation that inspires socially minded people to work towards ending poverty through youth education and leadership. They have a variety of projects all around the world, as well as a social cafe down in Melbourne called 'Kinfolk' where all profits are directed to local and international development projects.

While talking to Elliot at Kinfolk cafe, we were inspired by YGAP's work (and their dedicated team of volunteers) so decided to pledge our support for their '5cent Campaign'. This campaign started last year and inspired Australia to collect and donate over 1 million 5c pieces. A simple idea, but really shows what a difference something as small as our 5 cent piece can make. As well as collecting coins, individuals and businesses can pledge their support by donating 5c from every dollar they earn (or 5% of sales), with Sustainable Fashion joining up as a supporter this year (

So, a few different ways you can support the 5 cent campaign and know that you are really helping to make a difference to young lives around the world. If you would like to support this campaign directly visit, or take comfort in the knowledge your purchase with us this month will be supporting this campaign (of course you can do both!).

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