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Merino Layers

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on July 03 2013


Well the cooler weather has really set in and I need my merino layers over my bamboo clothes.

We have a selection of Rant merino layers that we want to keep in stock all year round as they are essential pieces that can be added whenever extra warmth is needed. They are great for travelling as they are light, roll up into your bag easily and give the warmth that only wool can give.

The Rant Merino layers are made from Ethical wool. This is wool that is certified to come from farms that treat the sheep ethically. The wool jersey is milled in Australia as well as the garments being made here. There is 100% merino jersey and merino stretch which has 5% spandex added for extra stretch in the styles that need it.

The styles include the Marni shrug, which is a simple long sleeved throw over layer that sits up nicely around the neck and hangs at the front to peaks. This is a slimming hemline and they 

can be tied together if you want a shorter look. I have worn this shrug over everything as it matches everything, in fact I have ended up with 3 in my wardrobe, black(of course), aubergine and ink. It also comes in sage which matches the other sage merino pieces.

The wool Thea skirt is the same fantastic style as the bamboo Thea skirt, only warmer. It has the soft stretch band at the waist that sits flat under tops and the ties in the side seams to bunch it up if you want to show off boots or fancy socks, and also is a regular tube shaped skirt.

The wool Nellie pant is also a wool version of a bamboo style. The fold over waist I wear folded up when it is cold as you get the added bonus of extra kidney warmth, but it can be folded to whatever level you like to wear your pants at, high waist or lower on the hips. They also tuck into boots really well.

The last style is The Cosy Arms. I first made these last winter when I was sampling the Rant 'Impressionist' collection. Sewing at the machine was hard when my fingers were cold. I made them and did the ultimate wear test. I did not take them off. I could sew with them on as they did not get in the way at all. When my hands warmed up, I could unhook my thumb and leave them bunched at my wrists. When I take them off, I knot them together and pop in my handbag as you never know when you may need that little bit of extra warmth.

All the Rant merino layers are machine washable on a wool cycle and do not need ironing. Easy to wear and easy to care.




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