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Pre-Summer Bestowed Collection #3

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on July 04 2013

The Bestowed collection #3 is now available and is perfect to wear straight away and take you thru till summer. 

This collection has lots of great cotton layers that are in colours that all can be worn all together or you can match any two together. The usual black, charcoal, indigo and olive are always in fashion to me and they make dressing easy as you can't make a wrong colour combination. I wanted Bestowed to always be easy to put together but this does not have to be boring. I have styles outfits using many of the Bestowed basics that you may already have and used summer tops and tunics as essential parts of this collection, just layered together.

I wanted to make some tops with funnel necks, sort of built in scarves to roll down or bunch up closer to the neck if you want to. I added this neckline to 3 styles, the Almeda top and tunic as well as the Robin top. The robin top is a light 3/4 sleeve top with a funnel neck made from the devine superfine cotton. Anyone who has a garment in this fabric knows how amazing it feels. The body of the top is a lightweight cotton stretch ( it has some spandex to allow a more fitted shape). This top will work all year round even in hotter weather up here in Qld, as many people like the coverage of a 3/4 sleeve as it is more sun safe and is needed when working in air conditioning. You can make it a long sleeved top by adding some Snuggle arms, which are stretch cotton arm warmers with a hole to pop your thumb thru.

The Almeda tunic in indigo/olive, Robin top all black with black Geranium skirt & Almeda top black with olive Holly skirt.

The Almeda top and tunic are the only styles that will not be on my list for a Qld summer, but from now till November they will be worn over and over. I have spent the last month just living in both of these shapes. I like to wear the tunic over the Twisted leggings and with or without the Melba vest on top and the Almeda top looks great with all my pants and skirts. I had many people ask for the long long sleeves that I did many years ago. They feel really nice bunched up at the wrists and sit nicely no matter what length your arms are. Both the Almeda top and tunic have these long sleeves.

The Melba vest is a style to go over everything. It has a cute pocket on the right side that I made while playing around with pattern pieces. I can see myself adding it to a Lisette dress in summer to add flow and a more layered look without adding weight, but it matches absolutely all my clothes. It also covers areas that we sometimes want extra coverage over while being very flattering as it has an asymmetrical hemline.

The Twisted legging is from an extra heavy cotton Lycra (280gsm). I tried many different fabrics to find one that gave the warmth I needed from this style while still being cotton. I made the waist a little higher to keep warmer in cooler weather, but also to make a smoother line under tops. There is triple stitching to show off the twisted seams.

The Juniper skirt is stretch cotton with an extra overlayer that has elastic gathering it up on the sides. When on, you just adjust the gathers to where you want them. I made the Juniper skirt long, yes very long, as I wanted that look. I love the way you can wear boots with it and they just pop out under the hemline, I did not want legs in the look.
If you want it shorter you can measure the amount you need taken off (allow for fabric rolling ) and simply cut off. It is best to just hand stitch or machine sew over the side seams to secure the overlooking again.

Well the latest Sustainable Fashion newsletter has just been sent out so I hope this gives everyone some further insight into the new Bestowed collection and I will aim to write again very soon about the new Aprons and Bags I have designed to match.





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