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Aprons: Beautiful and Functional

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on July 24 2013

I love cooking and spend most Sunday's cooking up dishes for the week using the fresh produce from the Sunday morning organic markets. 

After finding out the hard way that cooking in silk tunics is not the best, I decided to make a range of aprons that are practical but look like part of my outfit. These aprons were to be perfect for dinner parties and look so good that you would want to just wear them as an accessory.

This meant i wanted to use the same types of fabrics and colours that I love and did not need to have a slogan on the front or a spoon!, fork! or any other cooking implement. After looking around at what other types are available I found the other looks were the 50's housewife look or super crafty look.

There are no other aprons available like these Bestowed aprons. I had boxes of my special fabrics that I had collected over years. Bits and pieces of sampling fabrics and textures, prints and things I knew would be useful one day. This also gave me an excuse to get some handprinted organic cotton/hemp fabric from the girls at Ink and Spindle from Melbourne. I love their designs and their ethics match our when it comes to local production.

I spoke to friends and found out what they liked and disliked about aprons. This all helped me came up with two styles, Polly and Suzy, with both style having 5 matching fabric variations to start with. Both aprons have two pockets that are different colours and textures and secured with cotton herringbone ties.

Polly (shown above) is a full length apron that comes up over the bust and I added some pleats so it sits really well over 'girl shapes'. I found that halter neck aprons tend to fold and bunch at the front and I do not like the feel of it around my neck. The Polly apron has long ties that you can criss cross thru the back loops, then tie at centre back. One of my 'trim' customers told me she ties her apron at centre front, but no chance there for me. I have knotted the criss cross part to the loops at the right length for me so I can pop it over my head each time and simply secure at the back. This apron will fit all sizes and heights.

Suzy (see below) is a half apron which can be tied high waisted (to cover more of your clothes) or lower on the hips. I also put a contrast facing at the top edge so you can fold it over the ties and cover them as well as have an extra detail. I also added a handy loop detail at the back of one side to hang your tea towel thru if you need to carry one, which is a feature I put on for people wanting to use this style for restaurants or cafes. This style is for all sizes heights and is unisex. 

I have had some great feedback about the Polly and Suzy aprons already, as last weekend our Bestowed model Amanda Rootsey wore her one when she was doing raw food demonstrations at a Raw Beauty workshop held by Earth Events.

Joan Mary who has a website called 'The Plant Based Kitchen' was the first to own an apron. She has tested it making all her yummy recipes and given me the thumbs up for the design.

Finally, a silly bit of knowledge about the names . . . 'Polly put the kettle on, kettle on, kettle on . . . . .  Suzy take it off again, off again, off again, . . . .  (familiar with the nursery rhyme?). We like to amuse ourselves with simple things some times here. 






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