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Featuring: The Claire Vest

Written by Jason Hodoniczky


Posted on December 04 2015

Since we have just released the new Bestowed collection, I thought it would be nice to share some styling tips with everyone.  So drum roll please (imagine drums).........

We would like to introduce you to: The Claire Vest!!!

The Claire Vest is one of the standout pieces of the collection.  Now, the Claire vest is extremely special at Rant as it was named after our friend and staff member, Claire, who is sadly leaving us soon for New Zealand :(  We wish her all the best on her new adventure and we will miss her dearly!

So that is the story behind the name of the Claire vest, now onto some styling tips.  This is a brand new shape that will be your most handy top layer during the summer months. The loose armholes allow it to be worn over tight and loose sleeved tops, for example the Odele top, and will fit over most styles in the new collection.  It features front draped pockets and has a french made cotton herringbone ribbon detail at the back, giving a little feminine touch. It gathers slightly at the side to add shape.


It is perfect for wearing over fuller tops and dresses as it gives a slight waistline; or to provide slightly more coverage to a strappy top or dress.  We know how hard it is to layer and make outfits look interesting in summer, but we know the Claire vest will surely do the trick!

The vest comes in rock, dove and black, the rock and dove are featured in the photos.  Available in 2 sizes, xs/s & m/l.  The sizing is loose so you can easily go up or down a size depending on the desired look.

We hope you love it as much as we do,




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