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Posted on November 01 2013

Summer is great for wearing skirts. After never wearing dresses or skirts (unless i had leggings or pants underneath) i now just love skirts. Every time i tried on skirts, i did not feel right in them, however after designing and then wearing the Levitate style, I have a new found love of skirts. 

When it gets hot a skirt is so much cooler to wear and it is nice to feel 'girly' for a change. I decided for the Twig and Petal collection that i needed to create a new style that took the successful parts from the Levitate style and then come up with a different version so all the people who have loved the Levitate could extend their skirt selection. 

The linen Cherry skirt was the first skirt to come out and was sold out very quickly. We have now done another cut of them and they are available in blue, black and bark coloured washed linen. The Linen cherry skirt is pure linen lined with a cotton voile and has a fold down stretch cotton waistband so you can wear it at what level you like best. The skirt is then washed in pure rain water and put in the dryer. This 'trashes up' the linen making it very easy care, no iron. It has a pocket on one side and in the side seams there are ties so you can customise the skirt by pulling up to create one or two bunch effects.

The Peach skirt is a different version that uses the same seam shaping as the Linen Cherry skirt, but is has a plain waist detail that is 7cm wide soft knitted elastic in a wide self fabric casing. The fabric is our washed Viscose that we make our famous Triumph pants in. This fabric is not sheer at all, therefore does not need lining. It is also prewashed in pure rain water and this gives the skirt a wonderful semi crush look. The Viscose fabric has a wonderful drape so if you choose to tie up and give it the bunching effect, the skirt looks fantastic. 

The Peach skirt comes in lime, black and bark washed Viscose (which is a plant based fibre).

Also we did a version of the Peach skirt in Tencel. This version looks like a soft draped denim. You can match it with things as easily as you match denim jeans, but it feels silky to wear and you can wear it for more dressy occasions. 

The last skirt is the very lightweight version of the Cherry skirt, which is called the cotton Cherry skirt. This cotton skirt is very lightweight voile and has been lined so you can wear it with confidence. It is an essential for survival over the Xmas break. It feels so light to wear and will match up with a simple singlet or you can put it with a cotton Wisteria top in the matching fabric to look like a dress. The Cotton Cherry skirt is available in purple, white and a natural coloured cotton check. 

Enjoy your summer wearing your pick of the Rant skirts. The Levitate skirt/dress is still available in cotton (lined) or washed viscose and there are a few in tree (a nice olive colour) in a linen blend. Visit the 'skirts & pants' section of sustainable fashion store or type Levitate into the search function at the top right hand corner. 





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