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Cotton Sprig top

Posted on November 01 2013

The Cotton Sprig top is that little top layer that you can add to any outfit to give you arm coverage without feeling too hot.

I like to add the sleeve element of my outfit on the top and not as the bottom layer. This means that when i am at home i can take off this top layer if it is really hot and add it on to look better when i go out. It also means i can change my outfit as the day heats up then cools off in the early evening. 

It has splits at the sides to add maximum air flow and the textured cotton fabric looks fantastic when layered. The white version looks great over darker colours because you can see more of the fabric texture with a dark colour behind. 

It can be worn over most sleeveless tops, tunics or dresses and comes in black, charcoal, blue and white. 


Below is the cotton sprig top over the sleeveless Prima dress or a greta singlet and Rococco pants with an Entwine tied as a waist detail. 



This top will give you the coverage you want without wearing a tee under all the time. 





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