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A travelling wardrobe, minimalism principles used

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on March 03 2017

I wanted to share the items I packed recently for a week away in NZ and it was under the 7kg limit for carry on. I always like the freedom that comes from traveling with only carry on luggage. All your belongings are with you, no waiting for bags etc. It's part of  embracing minimalism, only having what you need and the clear feelings that come with it.

My week away was to the North Island of NZ visiting family and doing some mountain walks. So I needed some warm layers and good walking shoes. I took a combination of RANT and Bestowed garments along with a Merino wool zip up jacket and a waterproof/windproof parka.

I never ran out of clothes to wear and I was comfortable every moment. I took bamboo tops as I find you can get a couple of wears from them if you want because they don't hold odors and airing them out overnight works well.

Most of the tops I took had high necks for sun protection as the NZ sun burns quicker than here in Brisbane, believe it or not!


Bestowed Maggie 3/4 skirt pants

Bestowed Maggie long skirt/pants

RANT Nellie Pants in Bamboo jersey

RANT Riva pants

TOPS (singlets & tees)

2x RANT Obsidian tops

Bestowed Tansy top

RANT Viola Tee

Bestowed Perla Tee

Bestowed Perla long sleeved top

RANT Weft top

Bestowed Swivel top


Bestowed Camille Crop Cardi

Bestowed Annabel Coat

+ my merino wool zip up jacket

+ waterproof jacket


Bestowed Nasturtium slip to sleep in

RANT black silk garden slip to create a dressy look

RANT Infinity scarf

RANT Cosy arms

Bestowed Snuggle arms

+ Swimsuit


walking shoes

slip on soft ankle boots which I like to wear on the flight as they are super comfy



Try traveling light next time you go away, you may enjoy the feeling,






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