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Behind the Scenes of the recent BESTOWED Clothing Photoshoot

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on November 21 2017

Well it seems like I am always designing a collection at the moment! The lead time is always months ahead as the knit fabrics have to be made and dyed etc as well as the styles finalised, patterns done and samples created. . . . . . .

I also collect bits and pieces of woven and decorative fabrics and trims etc to create collections, so I have a nice selection to choose from. Texture is always important to me as is the feel of the garments when you are wearing them, so I like to wear test the samples for the comfort test.

Bestowed is ONLY cotton fabrics and more casual than RANT so designing these collections I have to think of the upcoming summer holiday season to get in the right head space. 

The Bestowed high summer collection which is the 10th Bestowed collection has two new colours, Ocean and Forest. They suit the feel of this collection perfectly because we did the shoot down the coast at Currumbin in a beautiful house, Katta on Currumbin. The house had a magnificent view which changed each day we were there. The colours of the Ocean and Forest around us were so vibrant which was very apt.

The model for this collection Fanny Nylander was a perfect match as she lives just down the valley from the house we were shooting at, also she is fit, healthy and a natural beauty.

The hair and make up was done by our regular make up artist Penny Antuar (who is awesome) and photos of course by our friend and photographer Todd Hunter McGaw who we have done photo shoots with for 10 years now. It's so nice to share such a history together of so many creative moments.


It rained on and off all day on shoot day which didn't matter too much because the light was so nice in the house and it would have been too bright if the sun was out. However we did plan to shoot down on the beach which wasn't possible until the last 1/2 hour when it cleared up and we were able to shoot two outfits on the beach. 

The stock is being frantically finished and we will get the final pieces ready for the launch on 1st December. I have started to post pics on Instagram from the shoot if you're interested or you can look on the front page of this website as the Instagram posts are featured here too. 

 Bring on the summer holidays I say . . . . . 





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