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BESTOWED collection #8

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on December 09 2016

Just in time for the first day of summer, the Bestowed 8th collection was launched. Designed to be light cotton layers perfect for the warmer weather, there are great new dress shapes and a new superfine cotton top layer called the Phoebe top. Another addition is the new blue colour called Twilight. Twilight matches really well with the existing palate of mainly black, rock, dove, shadow, ash and fern.

The Phoebe top shown above, is available in 4 shades and is an easy, loose fit one size top.
Some of the new and existing styles in 'twilight' are shown below.

All the styles are available now on this online store and you can also look at the full collection on the website.

All Bestowed clothing is pure cotton, Australian made and naturally vegan friendly.

I hope you enjoy wearing it,





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