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Bestowed organic cotton goodies back in stock

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on June 01 2018

Over the past few weeks we have been busy restocking some of the sold out Bestowed styles.

We create a new Bestowed high summer each year for release on 1st December, but we only create our warmer Bestowed collections every 2 or 3 years. As Bestowed is a label created to give you great locally made organic cotton basics, the styles don't need to be changed often, they're everyday essentials.

We sold out very quickly last winter a couple of styles in black, so we have restocked them just in time for the cooler weather as we had some small rolls of black fabric here and a small roll of our 'Fern' print in the colour we called 'shadow'.

The Long sleeved Perla top is a garment I wear over and over. It's great to wear with a singlet top underneath or on it's own. It can be worn with most things but a perfect match with the Trinity pants, pictured below.

All sizes are now available in black as well as the other colour options, shadow, dove and fern.


The Josie Tank dress is a style I like to layer with, wearing it as a base layer over the  Lara long leggings or the Fern printed leggings. It gives great coverage and also doubles up as an exercise top, one that covers the top of leggings and that can be layered with on top to create many outfits.

See the black and the fern print-shadow Josie Tank dress below with Bestowed leggings.

The Andromeda top is from our Superfine Cotton jersey which is very lightweight and semi sheer. We have restocked black now but there are still a few in the Ash colour available too.

This top has very long sleeves and long body. It comes over your hips and offers coverage and also nice texture when layering with it. The fabric is 100% cotton with stretch cotton binding so the neckline and sleeve hems will stay the same size, however as it isn't synthetic (like many Polyamide/nylon layering garments) it will give a little when worn but it will shrink back in when washed. If your Superfine Cotton garments 'grow' over time, you can always put them in warm water when washing or pop it in the dryer for a short burst.

I pre-wash all our cotton garments to preshrink them and test the fabric. So when you get your garment, it's had it's shrinking done and you get a true idea of the size and length.

Below is the black Andromeda top

Last is the restock of the Snuggle Arms. They are great to wear with 3/4 sleeved tops and to add warmth under long sleeved tops as well.

I tie them together and put them in my bag when i'm not wearing them. You never know when you may need that extra bit of warmth.

So both sizes are now available in all colours, print and plain.

I'm thinking about also making some Organic Cotton beanies the same as the one I made for the Bestowed photo shoot. It's a slouchy style that I originally designed and made for Dakotah. If you're interested in one ($38), email me and I will get on the machine and make you one.








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