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Necklines - which is your favourite?

Jason Hodoniczky

Posted on October 20 2016

The neckline of a garment can be the sole reason as to why one person loves a particular garment and the next person doesn't. It can change the entire look and fit and depends on your body shape as to which neckline will suit you. To make it easy for you we have categorised our popular tops by their necklines. This is a summer selection of essential tops to build your wardrobe from, dependent upon whether you prefer bamboo jersey or organic cotton.

Low: A low neckline gives a deep scoop and offers less coverage. This style often suits if you have a larger bust as it is a flattering fit.

          Yvette                        Greta                            Eva                      Odele                          Isadora

In-between: This is our 'in-between' neckline. This style suits most bust sizes and comes in a scoop and v-neck. It provides more coverage than a low neckline.

         Slant                         Dana                        Viola                            Viv

High neck: This neckline sits around the collar bone area and gives the most coverage.  Certain customers like this if they want to cover the decolletage. This style generally suits a smaller to medium bust.

             Perla                     Kalinda                     Obsidian                    Weft 

          Tansy                     Copper                           Terri

Cami tops and slips:
The Lila and Nasturtium both come in a cami top and slip. They are perfect to layer underneath in summer as both are extremely light and cool. Lila is made out of the bamboo jersey and Nasturtium out of the organic cotton.

        Lila cami                    Lila slip                  Nasturtium top             Nasturtium slip


The above styles are both from Rant and Bestowed and more information on each garment are in the individual product descriptions. The recommendations given above regarding shapes and size is just a guide, everyone's body shape is different and you know what suits you. If you need any further guidance please email us and we are happy to help!




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