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Rainforest Rescue

Written by Jason Hodoniczky


Posted on June 15 2016

Once a month Rant clothing donates to Rainforest Rescue, a not-for-profit organisation protecting and restoring rainforests internationally since 1998. They restore rainforests in Australia, through purchasing properties of high conservation value rainforest and protecting their biodiversity. They help restore the rainforest through planting, maintenance and weed removal. Our monthly donation allows the organisation to better plan projects and make a positive difference.

Thanks in part, to our donations they were able to recently plant nearly 1,000 seedlings on the Community Planting Day – where the organisation is working with Nightwings to regenerate stripped sugar cane land south of the Daintree River.

Below are some images of Lot 46 that is only 5 years old. The shots are taken over Thornton’s Peak – the highest peak in the Daintree and shows incredible rate of growth. The seedlings which are only 1 year old are so tall already as shown by Madeleine the chair who is standing next to them! (see picture above).

From the rehabilitation of Lot 46 there is evidence of cassowaries having just visited, Ulysses butterflies, and Azure Kingfishers all buzzing about Lot 46. It is truly on the way to returning back to pristine rainforest, once the canopy closes over in another few years.

(Kristen our contact at RR planting seedlings)

Thank you to all our loyal customers who enable us to support this wonderful organisation.  If you would like more information on Rainforest Rescue I've attached the link below. The organisation is largely run on volunteers and they appreciate any extra support from the community.





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