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Sleepwear, Australian made cotton goodness

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on December 14 2017

Bestowed clothing now has a selection of beautiful Australian made sleepwear. We have just finished making lightweight cotton boxer shorts that are perfect for the hot summer nights. They can be matched with the organic cotton Nasturtium tops to make a cute shortie PJ set or add a t shirt of your choice. 

These Boxers can be worn by both women and men, so perfect as Xmas presents for everyone. They come in assorted woven cottons, some are beautiful Italian cottons, ends of rolls and a few were cut out of the off cuts from the lay when I cut the latest versions of the Ada pants. As the pattern is small it was a perfect project to cut in house as we are striving to be zero waste. 

They are nice and loose, with soft 20mm elastic at the waist which is covered by the cotton fabric, so only cotton touches your skin.

The sizing for guys (a guide only) compared to jean sizing,

XS = 28'/ 71cm

S = 30' / 76cm

M = 32' / 81cm

L = 34' / 86cm

XL = 36' / 91cm

I have had feedback from people already about these and the word is that they are super comfy and the best Boxers ever!! 

The Nasturtium slips have been in the Bestowed collections for a few years now and I have always worn this style as a summer nightdress. I tell people to wear this style for all occasions including the sleepwear option but it was perfect to show this in the latest Bestowed shoot. 

Having multi use garments makes packing for a weekend away really easy. You can pop a hand full of clothes into a bag and know that you will have something for each outing or the days lounging around relaxing. I always take a Nasturtium slip when I travel, I can recommend it.

Happy holidays to you all,





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