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Update on the Rainforest Rescue property in the Daintree area

Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky

Posted on June 14 2017

Since the beginning of Sustainable Fashion in late 2012, 5% of all purchases made on our store have been donated to a range of causes we support. One of them is Rainforest Rescue and the buyback scheme in the Daintree area. Our donations help with the buyback of properties to rehabilitate them and create wildlife corridors.

We have been a supporter of this project for several years now and feel it so important help keep the biodiversity of this area flourishing. One extra important aspect is that it is the home of the Cassowary. When Jo has been working on the property he has sighted a few fathers with chicks, which is great and means they have a safe place to live and good food sources.

We like getting these updates and seeing the area returned to forest rather than cleared and filled with weeds.

Each purchase you make from us helps support Rainforest Rescue, thank you very much.





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  • Bobbie Oliver: June 18, 2017

    HI Guys, I love the work you’ve doing and the clothes. Being able to buy Australian made and cotton is just wonderful. Just one thing – I’d like some maxi dresses with sleeves and slightly less revealing neck lines. Then I wouldn’t have to wear a T-shirt under them in summer. I hope to see some in your new range.

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