Maggie 3/4 skirt/pant shadow print

$121.00 AUD


Bestowed is proudly 100% made in Australia  

The Maggie 3/4 skirt/pant has been taken from the original Maggie and adapted to suit the warmer months. It is a unique style, designed to be your most versatile piece that can be worn for exercise and/or everyday wear. The 3/4 leggings feature an inbuilt wrap skirt with a flat pocket. This is a flattering style which makes the leggings look more discreet. The flat, stretchy waistband does not leave any lines and sits smoothly under tops.

This style has also been prewashed for you in rainwater at our home studio.

Stretch organic cotton/spandex (250gsm) with 220 gsm wrap skirt. Fabrics are all made in Australia.

Handwash or gentle machine wash in cold water with a mild eco-friendly detergent.

If you want to find out how to care for your garments sustainably, Dakotah and Sarah have written a blog story. It can be found here.

This style runs true to size. They will be a firm fit when you first wear them, but will loosen slightly when worn.

Don’t be alarmed if it seems rather small, this is because the print holds the fabric firmly making the garment look smaller than it is. After just half an hour of wear the fabric will give and your garment will appear of normal in size.


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