Enigma skirt 3-tier silver/silver/charcoal

Limited stock left!
Limited stock left!

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Rant Clothing is proudly 100% made in Australia

The Engima skirt... Bring out your inner twirling princess! This skirt is made for pure pleasure with over 6 meters of fabric. Made from two half circles french seemed together while the hem is left raw, just a single row of stitching creating an awesome texture. The soft drawcord waist can be tied in to fit all sizes with a pure cotton herringbone ribbon. This style can be layered over pants, dresses, leggings only limited by your imagination! If you layer it over simple leggings and a top, you can become the enigma...


Top layer - charcoal textured pure silk
2nd layer - silver textured pure silk
3rd layer - silver silk/cotton
Waistband - Silk/cotton

Please note: the colour of the silk/cotton is a slight off white, the outside images give it a warmer tone.

Simply hand-wash in cold water and dry in the shade.

If you want to find out how to care for your garments sustainably, Dakotah and Sarah have written a blog story. It can be found here.

It is one-size, when the waistband is fully opened, it is a circumference of 132cm.


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