About Us

With a commitment that extends beyond fabric selection alone, Sustainable Fashion aims to provide the ultimate in comfortable, all natural garments, while working hard to minimise the environmental footprint of your wardrobe.

Rejoice in a sustainable choice for fashion


To us, the key to sustainability is smart design that considers the full lifecycle of a product. At Sustainable Fashion this consideration extends from the point of design and continues even after shipping.

With one of the largest environmental impacts of a garment being in how it is laundered, all pieces are designed to be easy care.  A cold water handwash or gentle machine wash with an eco-friendly detergent will suit most garments at Sustainable Fashion, and none are dryclean only. While special consideration to the type of fabric is needed when drying and ironing, for most machine washable items just use a low spin speed and simply air-dry on a suitable hanger straight away. This will often reduce the need for any ironing at all!

Design, sampling, prewashing & quality control is all completed at our home studio. Prewashing uses harvested rainwater & makes our garments nicer in many ways; it reduces shrinkage, removes excess dyes, as well as helping settle the fibres into the general shape of the garment. Your new garments are ready to be immediately enjoyed.

Our modern aesthetic means garments are made with longevity in mind. Along with high quality construction and fabrics, it also involves careful consideration to how each design will match previous as well as current collections. Layering is made easy through each new season with your existing pieces because of this sustainable design process.


Our clothing and accessories are all made locally in Australia, so produced ethically under Fair Work laws that preserve some of the highest standards and wages in the world. This respect of local manufacturing and paying Australian wages also minimises the environmental impact of our clothing. With all production for Rant and Bestowed taking place within only 30 km of our home studio no packaging at all is needed to transport our clothing, picking up directly from the makers ourselves.

All our garments are made using natural fibres, featuring certified organic cotton, sustainable bamboo jersey and ethical merino wool, these are all knitted locally in Australia also. Natural fibres feel much nicer against your skin, allowing it to breathe and are renewable resources also.

While always working to reduce it, we acknowledge the impact we still have on our planet, so make ongoing contributions to local charities. 5% of sales are donated to charities working to protect Australia's unique environment, and current organisations we support include the Rainforest Rescue and Australian Marine Conservation Society. Additionally our home studio is powered by solar (supplying 90% of our needs in summer) with the balance of any additional power used sourced from GreenPower.


Sustainable Fashion is run and owned by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky and Jason Hodoniczky, partners sharing a belief in businesses that treat people, planet and profit equally. Based in Brisbane, Australia they bring their own unique approach, with backgrounds in the arts and science respectively. 

Working from their home studio, Sarah & Jason started their first ethical fashion label Rant Clothing in 2003. Rant began as a small range of wraps and belts using upcycled fabrics that Sarah sewed herself which developed into complete clothing ranges. Ranges still retain the same focus on natural fibres and quality garments that are designed to create the ultimate in comfort and performance.

Building on their experience in the rapidly changing fashion industry, a new label was launched by Sarah and Jason in 2011. Bestowed extended their eco-credentials further, being a vegan friendly label produced using pure organic cottons. The perfect light and breathable garments in a tropical climate and the ultimate in slow fashion.

Sustainable Fashion was launched at the end of 2012 as an online store to showcase their 2 labels and a range of accessories, all selected to be ethical, natural and local.