A glimpse into the Engima. The Rogue dress and the Levitate.

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on March 28 2018

rogue dress, rambler pants, ethical clothing,

The Rogue dress and the Levitate: a new style and a re-imagining. The new collection Enigmatic Guise focuses heavily on the drape of beautifully textured fabric. I have always been in love with cupro and viscose fabrics and the Rogue and the Levitate are born from that love. I played around with the fabrics for days, making and remaking samples to find the perfect mix to accentuate the qualities of each. The Rogue dress has 5 fabrics and the Levitate has 6 fabrics to contrast the others. The asymmetrical nature of these styles makes them flow beautifully when you are walking, flowing with each step. 

rogue dress, sustainable fashion, ethical clothing, australian made

As with many things I design, they are able to be worn all year round. The Rogue can be worn by itself in summer, or layered as an decorative over-piece. It has a centre back invisible zipper, to make it easier to get on and off, although its not necessary. 

The Rogue dress has lots of vertical panels, each in a different fabric, this creates a very slimming look. The armholes and neckline are bound in cotton bias, the dress is semi fitted over the bust then flares out over the waist and hips area. The left side hem hangs lower and the fullness is gathered in with elastic. And about those pockets . . . . more about them later.

The new Levitate colourway has the same philosophy as the Rogue dress. Beautiful textures, flowing fabrics with ink and black contrast. A subtle decorative piece for most occasions and all types of weather. If the cold is starting to creep in, add leggings and a long sleeved top underneath to finish the look and provide warmth, while keeping the drape. The Levitate was first made in 2010 and brought back due to customers asking for them! This new colourway is a limited edition and is a good edition to your wardrobe to add texture and subtle detail.

Pockets are the a key part of lots of our styles and is a key talking point for our customers. The pocket on the Levitate is made a striped Italian cotton that just peeks out of the seam on the right hand side. The voluminous pockets on the Rogue dress however, are a made to be seen. Gathered at the base and have a drawcord at the top to be gathered or to drape lower. They are made from a textured viscose and the top edge is cotton with a French herringbone ribbon.


One of the key fabrics in this drapey combination is the smooth sand-washed cupro. It is shown on the side panels of the Levitate and the right front panel of the rogue dress, so every time you put your hand in the right pocket you will feel the sumptuous silk-like feeling. The Levitate can be found here and the Rogue dress found here, in sizes XS to XL in the black/ink colourway.






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