Sustainable Fashion is a small family business owned by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky and her husband Jason. Along with their son Dakotah, they take care of all the day to day operations of their working home studio on the outskirts of Brisbane, including the production of their two locally made labels, RANT and Bestowed. They have been designing and making clothing within their local community since 2003.

Entrance to the home studio located in Brisbane, Australia.

While operating from their home studio they have slowly renovated it to suit the business needs and show how sustainability can be intertwined in everyday living. The installation of solar power and rainwater tanks means their water and energy use is significantly reduced, and along with everyday practices of recycling and composting they are able to minimise waste significantly also. 
Water tanks are used for prewashing of garments and a custom awning allows for them to be air dryed.

By creating multi-functional spaces in their two level home they have been able to minimise the use of resources, with their architect winning 2 sustainability awards in Australia for her help with the renovations. Eco-friendly finishes and cleaning products are also used throughout the home, keeping in tune with the natural fibres used in their clothing. 

Dakotah at work, every garment is checked to ensure your clothing is of the highest quality.

The family all share an enjoyment in pursuing a slow, sustainable lifestyle, so always happy to share information on other aspects of sustainability while helping you find clothing that will make you feel good and last for years to come.