A Timeless Classic - The Thea Skirt

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on February 05 2018

If I was asked to choose one style to recommend for someone who had never bought our clothes, it would have to be the Thea skirt. Due to popular demand we have run this style for 8 years, and it's going stronger then ever. It is the most comfortable skirt and the waistband sits flat under tops when layering. When you wear it, it sits like a straight skirt, but it is slightly a-line. Which means it doesn't pull in under your bum.

There are a set of ties in the inside side seam, which can be knotted together to create a bunched effect, giving you multiple looks in one style. The variety of colourways mean you can match a Thea skirt with any top in your wardrobe. The high quality Australian-made bamboo jersey is made from a no-pill yarn, and will wash and wear for years without fading or pilling. Our bamboo jersey is also vegan-friendly. If you want to read more about the fabric, we have done a previous blog story ~

When it gets colder, we have a different fabrication for you! The Thea also comes in a super soft Australian made wool variant, certified ethical by the RSPCA. Both versions of are machine washable, easy care and made to last.

The Thea Skirt has stayed the same price throughout the years, in spite of multiple price increases of both manufacturing and fabric. We like to keep it at a fair price so that people can have multiples of their favourite skirt. You can see our selection of Thea skirts here.





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