Australian made Superfine cotton tops in new colours

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on September 09 2021

Australian Made Featherweight tops

We have used Superfine cotton jersey fabric for a decade now. People come back year after year to build on their collection of essential tops and shrugs because it feels so beautiful to wear. Every couple of years we get a new batch of fabric knitted and dyed for us in Melbourne. We don't change the styles because it's a difficult fabric to work with and we have got our patterns just right. 

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All these styles are washed in rainwater here at our studio to preshrink. I do them on a silk cycle in a Miele washing machine then hang them on padded hangers to dry in the shade. They dry super quick as they are so light, only 60gsm, which compared to say, a tee shirt which is usually around 140gsm, they are featherweight. I give them a gentle shake when they come out because if you shake too vigorously when they are wet, they will grow in length. This isn't a problem if you do as it will stretch out again when you wear it. The neck and sleeves bound in a stretchy bind to ensure they stay in shape.

The Andromeda Top

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The Andromeda top is a simple raglan sleeved top. It has long sleeves and is generous in length. It sits as a low hip length top on taller people add a knee length tunic on shorter people as shown by our Mismatched Twins Amanda & Heather. As it's such a featherweight fabric you can easily layer with it and it will not feel bulky.

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Above shows the Andromeda top over a Josie tank dress as a base layer. It also shows the proportions on our two different height models. Amanda is 180cm tall and Heather is 158cm tall. 

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Above shows the Andromeda top is perfect to use as a base layer under summer tops. 

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Above the Nasturtium top is worn underneath as the Superfine cotton is featherweight and therefore semi sheer. This makes layering so satisfying as you get the texture of the jersey against the skin and the shape of the top outlined. 

 The Swivel Top

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The Swivel top has been in the Bestowed collections since the first collection in 2011. It's nice scoop neck and 3/4 sleeves are very flattering and it's my favourite layering garment. It has twisted shaped seams which is why I named it the Swivel top. 

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Above the Swivel top is over a Daria top.

The Swivel top is also perfect if you want something featherweight to layer under a summer dress to add 'sleeves' to a sleeveless dress. The pic below Heather has one on under a Recline short dress


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And finally, the care label can be easily removed by turning it over to the back where you can see the stitching. Then snip the stitches which stand out against the care label. We always straight stitch the care labels into the garments rather than overlocking. I do this because I like to remove them and if they're overlocked into the seam it leaves some of it in the seam and you can not get to!

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I hope you find that little tip helpful and are inspired to try some simple layering options with our Superfine cotton tops

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