Behind the Scenes at the Grevillea 2 Photoshoot

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on August 27 2018

On Wednesday 22nd August we had the photo shoot for the upcoming RANT collection, Grevillea 2: Back to Nature. 

This is another collaboration between RANT Clothing and the very talented local artist Lesley Kendall. Last year we digitally printed her Grevillea art onto cotton fabric, using a dark grey/green background. This made Lesley's art look very different and surprised her with our interpretation. People loved it and it sold out within a month!

We did plan to do a natural version last year as well, however the strike off that came thru before printing wasn't perfect in the natural version and we didn't have time to go through that process again before printing. So we had this other version in the background, working on a new strike off and then decided the create the new summer collection with the natural print. 

The new collection is Grevillea 2: Back to Nature.

We had the original artwork framed so we could photograph it with the fabric and returned to the Richard Randall studio at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, where we did the photo shoot last year and where Lesley was the artist in residence for 2 years. 

I wanted this collection to be very different from the last Grevillea collection, which featured one of my fav models, Zhoe who is dark haired with dark features as she is part Chinese and Indigenous. So this year I chose a strawberry blonde model who has the most beautiful very pale complexion, Yani. It was very different to work with Yani, a model who has a fuller bust (natural or course) as the clothes sat very differently on her shape. 

(Above, Yani our model and Alarna who created the Hair and Make Up looks)

I had an idea for the hair which was a progression of crimping! We started with very sheer natural makeup, smooth hair with small sections crimped. This worked with the natural Grevillea print and the back drop we created from foliage we cut from our garden at 6am on the morning of the shoot. 

(Above, the backdrop created by Jason and Lesley)

We had several progressions during the day and the final section was a total contrast to the first, as we always must have a couple of sections dedicated to dark dressing, my personal fav!

(Above, in the bamboo doing pics of the bamboo garments)

(Above, Todd, Alarna and Yani doing their thing)

I hope you love this new collection, which we will release next week, the first week of September and just in time for Spring!





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