Behind the Scenes at the RANT Remedy Pt 2 photo shoot

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on May 17 2019

The Australian made ethical Merino wool garments are now being made and will be available in a week or so. We had a very fine merino jersey knitted up and dyed in our chosen colours. The colours and feel for this Remedy Pt 2 shoot were actually inspired by a label on an Australian made Gin bottle, Remedy!

I liked the mix or colours and even though I didn't take the exact colours, it was the feel of multiple colours together that I liked. I upcycled Gin bottles as vases etc as they are too beautiful to not use them. This bottle has a Lucky Bamboo in it and sits on our desk with a beautiful Smokey Quartz. 

The shoot was at our fav local studio, Fox St Studios and the photographer was my trusty friend Todd Hunter McGaw, who I trust to understand where I am coming from and he understands what our clothes are all about. The Hair and Make up was by Alarna Taylor who is super talented, and we had a gorgeous model who is in her 60's, Rachel Waller. Her mane of long silver hair is stunning and perfect with our traditionally dark palette. 

We kept the hair and makeup simple as Rachel's natural beauty and personality came through in every pic. The above image was taken by Alarna who takes great pics of her make up transformations. 

As social media is an important part of story telling, we all took behind the scenes pics and posted on Instagram. If you follow any of us you would have seen a few on Instagram stories.

We went outside late afternoon to get some editorial pics as the industrial feel suited the easy to wear outfits. 

Dakotah was Todd's and my assistant today helping out where needed and he loved being there as he is usually holding the fort back at the studio. 

The collection is warm and cosy, easy to wear and easy to mix and match with. The colours will be revealed soon.......

I will show the styles and colours in my next blog/journal post and when we launch in a week or two. I am waiting for the last two wool styles to be finished and then I will prewash them here at our studio. So the weather may determine the launch date! 






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