HOME - behind the scenes of the new RANT ethical merino collection.

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on May 20 2020

This collection is simply called HOME.

It's comfy and cosy, perfect warm loungewear to stay at home in or venture back out into the great unknown.

We also did our photo shoot last Saturday here at home, in our lounge room. We planned this shoot before the restrictions lifted for the makeup artists, in fact only a few days before we found out that on Saturday they would be able to work again. We had worked out a way around everything, getting my friend Lou to be the model and she was going to get one of her daughters to do her makeup. Also doing the shoot at home in our lounge room with our photographer friend Todd, meant we could keep numbers very limited to 2 people visiting from another home. There is plenty of room for social distancing when we ditch all the furniture out on the verandah, so space wasn't a problem.

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Alarna Taylor (one of our regular hair and makeup artists) was keen to get back into it after not working for so many weeks. We were super happy to see her again and have her expertise creating the hair and makeup looks, all while wearing a mask of course.

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Lou (our model) is my wonderful friend who also helps me when we do Pop Up Shops, so some of you may have already met her. We first met when she had a retail store at Graceville and sold both our labels and we've been friends ever since.

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Late 2019 we went to see the Margaret Olley exhibition at GOMA (pic above from the exhibition). This was our inspiration for the HOME photo shoot. Along with the flowers I collected bits and pieces to create our own Margaret Olley inspired Still Life scenes. Both Lou and Todd had ceramic and pottery pieces in the mix and my friend Julie selected some perfect additions including a classic ceramic Pumpkin, pottery cups and saucers and jugs. We picked up some beautiful organic apples and pears from the markets as every Still Life needs apples and pears!

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The pic above is Anja, from Flowers of the World in Paddington. The girls (mother and daughter) who own this local florist shop shares the same ethos as we do. They support local, always buying Australian grown flowers, many from around the Brisbane area. Anja created the floral displays we needed for our 'Still Life' scenes. The colours matched perfectly and brightened everything up, having flowers to  match your merino wool colours was a treat.

 So.... here is the new collection HOME.

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Most of the pieces will be available from Thursday 21st May, with a few being Preorder as we finish off making them. 

We will also be restocking our ongoing merino styles the Wool Nellie pants and Wool Thea skirts soon. 

As you know, we make everything here in Brisbane. The Merino fabric we used in this collection was made in Melbourne by ABMT textiles. If you want to learn about the production of this fabric, you can read the previous blog story I wrote about this process. 

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    Hi Julie,
    Thanks so much for your lovely words!
    The homely touch you help bring by sharing your treasured pieces really added to the feel we were aiming for.
    Thanks again,
    Jason :)

    Posted by Jason | May 21, 2020
  • Comment author

    totally love the HOME approach – and the level of detail you guys always go to, to bring us the most sustainable comfortable local fashion around!

    Posted by julie | May 21, 2020
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