Behind the Scenes of the photo shoot for the Bestowed Pre-Summer

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on June 25 2019

This year we decided to make a Pre-Summer collection for Bestowed. We only do this every few years as Bestowed is mainly a summer holiday type of feel and when we do create a Pre-Summer collection they are classic styles that last many seasons. The last Pre-Summer collection we did was in 2017 and the one before was 2013. There was a top in that 2013 collection that has been brought back due to popular demand..... so there will be some happy people when we launch on 16th July. 

So without giving too much away, here is a sneaky look at what we did.

(above) Penny Antaur our make up artist for this collection is creating the first of the looks for this shoot. We went for a slightly more full on make up look for this shoot as I wanted the eye make up to be a bold feature to compliment the Ocean blue and Forest green in the pure organic cotton fabric. 

Millicent our model has an amazing face and suited the extreme eye make up. We did this shoot a few weeks early as Millicent was going overseas a few days later and I really wanted to see her in this collection.

Below is the second make up look. Penny loves it when a client gives her an adventurous brief.

The Organic Cotton knit fabrics were made in Melbourne as usual and are super soft and snuggly. The Andromeda top Milli is wearing in the pic above is made from our Superfine cotton jersey, beautiful and sheer and great for layering with.

The garments are in production now and will be all ready, washed and checked for our launch on Tuesday 16th July. 

Photographer - Todd Hunter McGaw

H&MU - Penny Antaur with her assistant Emma Chaisty

Model - Millicent Lee from Chic Models

And it's always important on shoot day to take the time to post on Instagram stories! It's so funny how social media has changed things. I do like to post on the day to share the excitement with others as it's that moment when weeks or often months of work is finalised and the images are created. 





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