Behind the Scenes of the Latest RANT Photoshoot

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on March 19 2022

Behind the Scenes of the Latest RANT Photoshoot

Those of you that follow me on Instagram or who read our newsletter will know that our photo shoot for the upcoming RANT collection was foiled a couple of weeks ago due to the crazy weather we had. It was impossible as the photo studio that we booked was flooded (pic below from Yatoma Studio), and our model was unable to safely get here from Northern NSW.

So we decided that the safest and easiest option was to plan a shoot here at our home studio. We have done shoots here before, especially when we have a location shoot and just want to do a few product shots first. Also we photographed the ‘Home’ collection just after lockdown in May 2020 here at our home studio, setting up still life scenes. This latest one we decided to keep it simple and choose some areas around the house and outside to get some variety.

The day went really well, lots of laughs and the home location matched the simple comfy outfits perfectly.

Pic above is the time in the photshoot when Sarah and the model match! Both wearing the black Asha pants in supima cotton that have been restocked.

It was the first time we’ve worked with the beautiful model Illumina, and it won’t be the last. The garments fitted her like a glove and her energy suited what RANT Clothing is all about. Gemma the hair and makeup artist for this shoot, knew the look I was after and she created three different braided hair looks. I personally wear braids at least once a week because I like the look of them and I find them useful when doing Pilates (tucking my hair away comfortably). So having braids as part of the styling was a very ‘Sarah’ thing.

Below is Illumina showing the first hair and make up look before we got her in the first RANT outfit.

This collection I named simply ‘Breathe’. It seems at the moment I’m being told by the universe to simply stop and breathe. Things keep coming up that are beyond my control, so stop and breathe. All your plans are no longer possible, stop and breathe. I’m sure it’s a similar theme for most people, I know I’m not alone there.

Jay and I only managed to take a few behind the scenes pics on the day, but thought the selection below taken on our phones gives a nice little glimpse into the process.

For those of you who find music an important part of any creation, I started my playlist for this shoot off with the Pink Floyd song 'Breathe'. A classic, and I had forgotten how good that whole album was, especially listened to as an album. I then filled it with all sorts of new music that I hadn’t heard before rather than theming it all ‘breathe songs’ etc. I discovered Yonderboi a Budapest based downtempo electronica artist, along with some Jon Kennedy, DJ Krush, Kinobe, Funki Porcini and a few oldies but goodies from Massive Attack and even a new mix of the Soul ll Soul classic Jazzie’s Groove. I listened to the playlist as I created and styled the collection, but on the day we were in all different parts of the house so the music didn’t play a big part of the actual shoot feeling. That was filled with interesting conversations fuelled by lots of coffee and tons of laughter!

All the garments in the shoot are now finished, in fact on Friday Jay picked up the last completed style from our trusty maker Laura. We have been plodding through them, cutting many in house ourselves using our new cordless cutting machines that make the job so much easier and less cumbersome without an electrical cord attached.

We will launch this collection online on Thursday 24th March. That gives us a few days to check the last top style and sort out the pics. All the pre-washing has been done, not too easy with non stop rain for a couple of weeks there, but the rainwater tanks are nice and full.

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    Hi Sarah,
    Judging by your latest range it looks like I might just “need” some more of your very wearable clothes lol. I have lost count of how many items I have.
    I always admire your commitment to your standards, despite obstacles which ends up in the production of beautiful, comfortable, long wearing clothes.
    Take care of yourself.

    Posted by Jill | April 06, 2022
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