Behind the Scenes- RANT merino edit 2022

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on May 31 2022

Just as it's starting to get really cold as we enter the winter months, the Merino Edit of Rant goodies are almost ready. The last merino style is being cut today and we are busy washing the already completed garments. The weather has been a challenge with all the rain (not good drying conditions) but there's plenty of rainwater in the tanks. 

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We had our photo shoot in the cute Yatoma Studio at Rocklea that we had booked for the last shoot, but flooding changed the plans. This time we had a beautiful day and Todd used natural light all day as the studio has a whole wall of windows. 

The pics above and below are behind the scenes from the day, hair and make up being done and general setting up. 

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This Merino Edit also features a restock of a few of our essential bamboo garments too, things that many people have been emailing us about and are waiting for. Let me say.... we may or may not have at last the perfect weight bamboo jersey for our beloved bamboo Nellie pants in black!

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Our beautiful model for this collection is Ruby Hunter Brown, an Aboriginal woman from Dharrowal Country. Ruby is a mum of 3 and has a Bachelor of Commerce and also studied History and World Religion. She's multi talented, an amazing model and an awesome person to talk to about many subjects. I love the conversations on shoot days, they're always enlightening.

Ruby is 185cm tall and size small (equivalent to Australian size 10) so the garments will sit slightly shorter on her than many of our customers, but we always include garment sketches with measurements to make style selection easier. 

Our hair and makeup girl Gemma Elaine created a couple of looks for the day. The first look had blue toned eye makeup to match the storm grey, ink blue and touch of purple in the garments. She made the most of Ruby's amazing curly hair and clear skin, her skin is flawless! 

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The second look was in green tones to match the green tops and as a contrast with the all black outfits. See pic below

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I style the collections with mostly pieces from my own styling collection unless I am doing a collaboration. Last year I purchased a silver necklace from Sydney Jeweller Stephanie ( It's great as it has long shaped links and can be worn different ways. I loved it so much that I purchased another one that is a blackened silver finish. Stephanie offered for me to borrow a couple of pieces for a shoot, so I took her up on that offer for this collection. I absolutely loved the hinged 'Platelet' necklace and bracelet. They sit perfectly and mould to the body, such stunning designs and so beautifully made.

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The launch will be on Thursday 9th June, a week later than planned, but this year seems to be like that. I am sure there will be many months ahead of us when our woolies and warm layers are in high demand, so another week is no big deal.

I am super appreciative of everyone who helped us keep things going while I've been out of action with this broken arm. I've learnt to do a few things left handed but many things I simply can not do. Styling a shoot without trying the outfits on was a challenge but I know the styles and visualised them together. And everyone on shoot day helped out and followed my instructions, because talking is something I can still do well!

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Below is our photographer Todd Hunter MacGaw with Ruby Hunter Brown.

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And one last BTS pic because I love that Gemma is hugging Ruby's arm because she is wearing one of our soft cotton Luna Gallery jumpers while we were getting a product pic at the beginning.



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