Behind The Scenes- The Merino edit photo shoot

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on May 31 2021

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On the 19th of May we had a RANT photo shoot. This shoot was for the second part of our Branching Out collection, the merino edit featuring lots of warm Australian made ethical merino wool. 

This year has been a little challenging for me personally and business wise, so creating smaller collections was what we needed to do, simplifying things. Also taking a little longer to do some things as well.

Creating collections and doing the shoots is my most favourite part of what we do. It's where I can dream, creating different themes and the garments to match while ensuring they're beautiful garments but also comfy to wear. The feel I had for this collection was 'Warehouse grunge'. Todd Hunter McGaw our photographer for over a decade totally got where I was coming from and set out to find the perfect venue for this shoot. After lots of searching, many phone calls not being returned and dead ends, Todd found this awesome place. A secret place, a historical building that's filled with character and the most amazing light from every angle. Yes Todd, you found the most perfect location for our shoot. 

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Having this much space was just perfect. Room to move and do whatever we wanted. We are used to going on location and having to bring all we need with us, so out with the camping tables and chairs, portable rack and picnic snack food. 

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Our model Stacy from Chic Models Brisbane was the perfect choice for this collection. Her incredible long limbs and ability to bend at any angle was simply amazing.

The pic above shows Alarna (our regular hair and make up artist) and myself (shrouding our model Stacy) with our change room area with garments and accessories. 

The pics below are of the team at work.

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The images are checked on a laptop during the day to ensure the right ones are done and ticked off the list. It also let's us check the hair and makeup as the day goes on. It's not like we can go back and retake images of an outfit if we've got it wrong.

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Our intern Claire Hood was on hand to get extra behind the scenes pics. It was great that she was able to be there on shoot day. 

The above images are of myself getting our model Stacy ready for the next pic. I work out all the outfits the weekend prior to the shoot. I work out which garments go together to create the best outfits but also need to style them with shoes and accessories. I had a few really special things in my styling kit for this shoot.


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Below is a sneaky preview of the Australian made knitwear that we included in this shoot. For about 5 years I have toyed with the idea of selling on our online store other Australian made garments. Luna Gallery ticked all the boxes and shared the same ethos as us. Bev creates whole knitted garments, stunning jumpers and cardis in Australian merino wool and Supima cotton. 2021 seemed like the perfect time to add a different element. Getting beautiful knitted outerwear to match this RANT collection was the icing on the cake of this collection. Branching Out in a new direction.

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On Thursday 3rd June we will launch the new RANT collection (You can have a sneak peak at the range here) and a new updated Sustainable Fashion website that we have been working on. 

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