Bestowed 15, behind the scenes of the photo shoot.

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on November 13 2020

On Wednesday 11th November we did our fifth and final photo shoot for 2020.

It's been a crazy/stressful/challenging year to say the least but on the photo shoot day I felt the support and combined good energy of the photo shoot team. It was comforting to have people around you that were there to help create images that reflected the collection, with people I've done many shoots with and know our look/feel.

(below pic is Todd setting up the studio lighting with Jay as the stand in model)

Todd Hunter McGaw (Gold and Brown Co) our trusty photographer came up with the editorial concept after seeing the printed fabric and chatting to me about what we have done over the years. And he came up with something totally new, a night shoot.

Alarna Taylor our hair and makeup genius designed some looks after some ramblings over the phone with me. She selected only Vegan makeup for the shoot, keeping in line with the Bestowed ethos and respecting Amanda and her vegan values.

Amanda Rootsey was our Bestowed model again because this collection was designed with this beautiful human in mind. And I knew Amanda would be able to channel the character needed for the editorial.

It seemed a long day because we decided to shoot at night, although we did get to start the day late morning. We went to our fav Fox St studio because it's a great space and there are great open playing fields across the road, with big Gum trees and cool semi industrial buildings all around.

Below is our shoe and accessory line up. I had saved the 3 different coloured chaotic necklaces for this shoot. They're made by my friend Rowan (Frank Ideas) in Sydney who makes them from rubber, therefore vegan friendly like all the shoes we used too. I also matched these cute and lightweight black and white chain earrings later in the editorial which are also made from rubber by Frank Ideas and we will be selling these too when we launch the collection.

We started the day with simple fresh hair and makeup to get product shots of all the garments. This way we can get creative later on with the images knowing we already have clear basic pics to show the styles for online and our wholesale customers.

Rachael Lee also visited today, she is the artist who created the Lino print which is the screen print on the organic cotton for this collection. I really wanted her to see the behind the scenes of the shoot so she had an insight into the whole creation of this collection as it's all about her handmade original Lino print. If you want to read about the creation of the Lino print, you can read the previous journal story.

Late afternoon after having snacks we started the second half of the shoot, getting Amanda into her 90's inspired character.

The soundtrack for the shoot was alternative early 90's, lots of Massive Attack, Bjork, Portishead, Avalanches, Air, Moby, Groove Armada etc. Just in case you're a music person and wanted the audio feel for the shoot.

Bjork was our hair inspiration so we needed to hear her music to channel her quirky image. Alarna added white eye liner and put Amanda's hair into Bjork buns.

The team all headed outside. We did have to avoid traffic, people exercising and the odd stray football!


As the sun went down we created the third and final look, silver eyes!

Thanks Alarna for always documenting the hair and makeup looks. My mind is always off thinking about the next outfit and have I remembered the correct shoes and accessories.

We plan to launch on Thursday 3rd December, so lots of production to happen before then. A couple of styles may have to be pre -order due to the fabric being late as it was made in Melbourne and things didn't run to plan, but that's all part of 2020.

I hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes and thank you for reading.







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    Guys! I love this soooo much! Vegan make-up and accessories, soundtrack insight, shooting at night – I’m excited to see the collection pieces Sarah and the finished photographs. It’s nice to see you and Jay in these images too … Congratulations on another great offering!

    Posted by natalie denning | November 21, 2020
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