Caring for your Merino Wool.

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on August 28 2019

All the merino wool we sell is ethical (certified by the RSPCA), machine washable plus many of the styles have been pre-washed already here at our studio in rainwater before we send the garments to you. We use the Earth Choice brand laundry detergent for woollens and delicates because it works well, hasn't got a strong scent and works for our customers who have very sensitive skin.

Merino wool is an amazing fibre and has many qualities which I won't go through in this blog story as I want to talk about caring for your garments especially as the weather warms up.

As I live in the subtropics it does mean creepy crawlies do like to eat my wool garments if I am not careful. To make sure that they do not destroy my beautiful merino pieces when the weather gets warmer and the moths and other insects start hatching and flying about, I keep my pieces in an air tight zip lock bag in the warmer months. This way I do not need to worry about finding munched out holes when I pull them out the following season. Also this 'barrier prevention' method means I don't need to use chemicals or things with a bad odour like moth balls! 

We have also added another option to our online selection that you can add to your drawer and cupboards to repel insects when your garments are not in storage. The 'Bug Banish' herbal bloq. It has 10 herbs and essential oils that have repellent qualities and it has a beautiful 'minty' scent.

How often do you need to wash your merino garments?

Did you know that merino wool due to it's moisture wicking ability resists holding onto odours. The bacteria doesn't have the right environment to grow. I've been watching some people lately testing merino garments when hiking etc and wearing the same garments for 10 days! I am not suggesting that but I do think that we tend to over wash our garments some times and this isn't the best thing for the environment. I tend to wear my outer garments many times before washing because they simply are not dirty. It's different if they are against my skin, under my arms etc but most of my merino garments are worn over a cotton or bamboo base layer. So a simple airing is all that is needed, so I suggest the old 'sniff test' and of course if you spill something on your garment washing is needed. 






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