Diverge - RANT Summer 2021

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on October 21 2021

Diverge - To move or extend in different directions from a common point.

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When I create/design a collection it's not a case of throwing together some styles in different fabrics and there you are... a summer collection! For me it's an artistic expression, creating outfits that showcase the feel and look that I am wanting to express.

Each collection is based on our sustainability ethos, locally made from high quality fabrics, designed to last and be a pleasure to wear. But also they reflect part of me, where I am at in life and my own personal journey.

For RANT 2021 started out with the Branching Out collection followed by Branching Out -the Merino Edit which were about focusing on the garments I really wanted to wear rather than 'what do I need to include to appeal to everyone, have I added enough new styles to make this financially viable'! This year I've stayed true to myself, not that I haven't before but I committed 100% to not being swayed by what I should do but what I wanted to do. I've indulged in beautiful Japanese made fabrics, Supima cottons rather than being hesitant due to the cost of these fabrics.

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That brings us to the Diverge collection. The direction I felt I wanted to go with this was to condense the collection down to only a few absolutely premium garments in limited quantity, a top, pant, dress and tee shirt. And these new styles are awesome enough to be an entire collection, outstanding combos that I can't wait to wear. I've used a bold yarn dyed Japanese made cotton that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. I bought this fabric at the end of last year knowing exactly what I wanted to make with it, the Asha pants and a new top. And of course there has to be a plain black offering which is a Supima cotton and an Egyptian cotton made in Japan.

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The title piece is the Diverge top, a loose woven cotton style that has interesting panels and a couple of pleats that disperse softly at the right hand side of the neckline. In the stripes these details really stand out as the stripes go in different directions. I think this top will be perfect to wear to all the summer outings and gatherings because it can look dressy while having the comfort of being a lightweight woven cotton. It looks great tucked in as it's not bulky at all but does also look great out loose, or softly cinched in with the Cinch belt I created to softly hold fabric in without feeling like a fitted belt. It's like having a soft drawcord that can be added to lots of outfits. (see pics below)


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The Asha Pants, I love love love this style which were part of the Vine collection in 2013. The yarn dyed stripe just had to made in this style. You see all the folds of the fabric as the stripes create flowing patterns. They are super full and breezy to wear, more like a skirt than pants. The striped versions of these pants have a contrast waistband which is in a colour we call Carbon which is the same colour as the bind on the striped Diverge tops.


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The Lori tee is a short sleeved version of the Lori top which is made in the silky feeling Supima cotton jersey. It's got a nice boat neck, short sleeves that are a flattering length and is a nice long length to tuck in or gently bunch when worn out. The fabric has to be felt, it's got such a lush surface that it can be worn casual through to dressy occasions. The Supima is lightweight without being sheer. The Lori tee comes in Lichen and black (shown below). 

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The Detour Dress is a slinky feeling multi panelled dress made from the left over ends of rolls of the most beautiful feeling Viscose fabric we used back in 2017. I wanted a dress that could be worn on it's own or layered with wide leg pants or a skirt underneath. The neckline and armholes are bound in carbon coloured cotton bind and stitched with a single row of silver thread. I didn't want to add pockets to this style as I wanted it to be light a flowy, so that's where the Garnish Pouches come in, they add that final decorative touch and are the perfect size for your phone and a few other essentials.

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The Garnish Pouches have been created by my friend Mike who does the pattern grading usually, but in this collection he also did the pattern for the Diverge top & Detour dress. Mike and I have worked together on and off since 1990! Yes that's a long time and I remember back in our 'Stiletto' days (that's the company we both worked at) Mike always added great details to the styles he designed. So when he asked if he could create textured bags from our off-cuts and bits and pieces for us, I was super happy. It was just like old times.

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There are 3 versions, all beautiful, and they are lined with the same slinky viscose used in the Detour dress as we used the off-cuts. Each Garnish pouch will be slightly different as they are all individually decorated. There are 2 D-rings so you can adjust the length of the strap, so it fits every size and height.


 And no collection would be complete without a few more all black outfits, in other words my personal wardrobe. The Asha pants and Diverge top look totally different being plain black. You notice different features and appreciate the soft sheen on the surface of the Supima cotton in the Asha Pants and the Japanese made Egyptian cotton in the Diverge top.

I styled this collection also with our classic Marmalade skirt which is the same fabric as the black Diverge top, the black cotton Montage pants which are both kept as an essential styles on our online store. Also the Obsidian top and Greta singlet in Bamboo jersey.

My aim was to show how you can simply mix and match to get many different looks, and how cool the Asha Pants look with any top.

This collection is limited as we had a small amount of the striped fabric as it was all we could get. All the Asha pants, Diverge tops and Detour dresses are being made by Jacinta, so we have staggered the production. Half of each style is being made first so we have a selection of the styles available straight away and then the second half will be completed. We have embraced the Slow Fashion ethos even more than ever this year amongst navigating all it's challenges, condensing our collections into what we see as essential basics along with some exciting highlights, a true capsule and offering our customers the ability to build a wardrobe based on quality over quantity.





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