'Enigmatic Guise' Behind the scenes look at the upcoming RANT collection.

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on February 26 2018

We have been busy creating a new collection for you which will be available from mid March. This collection is called Enigmatic Guise which was created in a different way than many of the other collections I have designed. 

It started with an idea/vision not a fabric. I wanted to create a character, she would be dressed up to create different looks and identities. My muse was Tilda Swinton, a woman who can be any character she wants, be androgynous like in the movie Orlando and I think she is simply 'cool' without trying to be. Dakotah (who is much better with words than I am) named the collection and most of the styles. Creating this collection was so much fun and really just like playing 'dress ups' amid lots of garments with flowing fabric movement. 

I collected fabrics that had beautiful textures and wanted to layer garments with slight contrasting colours like black with inky tones. The Enigma skirts are a limited edition garment which I made from my collection of silks and silk cottons that I had from past collections, many of them from 2010 or earlier. This skirt is either 2 tier or 3 tier full circles, so much fabric, but it needed it to give the look I wanted. The 2 tier has 6m of fabric and the 3 tier has 10m of fabric. I cant wait to see the pics from the shoot with these skirts, but here is a behind the scenes iPhone snap to give a sneak peek!

The photo shoot was at Newstead Studios which is a stunning studio to shoot at. Lots of room and a window with natural light to do make up and hair in front of. 

Our photographer was Todd Hunter McGaw

Hair and Make Up was Penny Antuar

Model was Jana Kruger

And styling done be me as usual. I like to collect my accessories, shoes/boots etc and create the look. This is my most favourite part of my job, styling the shoot is the icing on the cake after months of work pattern making and sampling.  


I hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes pics! 





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    Love all your collections, Sarah! Just can’t get enough… and I hope I don’t miss out on this Enigma skirt!

    Posted by Cornelia EC | March 05, 2018
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